Affiliate Search

Our Publisher Pinpointing Algorithm (PPA) will find the most ideal affiliates and publishers for your website. We have cracked the code on locating and prospecting affiliate websites across 100's of industries and verticals. You can start your affiliate outreach project today!

Finding the right affiliates for your company can be challenging. So, we decided to solve that problem for advertisers and merchants. We created an affiliate locating algorithm that figures out who your ideal affiliates are, and presents them to you on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. We can provide your affiliate manager with a steady flow of quality websites and blogs that are already actively promoting affiliate programs on their websites and they are in your niche. If even a small percentage are interested in becoming your affiliate, the potential is exponential! Make sure to have a great offer, excellent conversion rate, and high payout for your prospective new affiliates, so it's lucrative for them. You want your affiliates to be successful so they continue to produce for you! Once you have your list, you can go to work inviting them to affiliate with you, or we can handle that for you as part of our white-glove service. We look forward to bringing you the best-quality affiliates on the Internet!