10 Actionable Tips for Finding Affiliates to Promote Your Product

Tips on affiliate recruitment

Affiliate marketing, because of its inherent networking and distributory benefits, exponentially increases the reach of your business and of course, the money that you make.

PPC ads, affiliate marketing, and SEO are the three ways to reach out to your market. Of these, only affiliate marketing lets you save both time and money, and is also a long-term solution. If you want your business to take wings and fly, you need to share the workload with affiliates, you need to know how to recruit affiliates.

Here are ten actionable tips for recruiting affiliates for promoting your product or services.

  1. Begin by reaching out to people you know; like your friends on social media. Tell them about the great product or service that you have. If they see your offering as a good fit for the work they’re doing and they like the compensation offered, they’ll sign up. These are easy pickings for you.
  2. Email bloggers in your niche and invite them to come aboard. Offer them some “early bird” incentives. This can be an ongoing activity. Make it a routine to send at least 10 mails a day.
  3. Go where the affiliates are – on forums. You will find many potential affiliates on digital marketing forums.
  4. Once you find affiliates, offer them incentives to get new affiliates on board.
  5. Join affiliate marketing sites such as Conversant, ShareASale, and Clickbank.
  6. If you were an affiliate once, then hark back to your own experiences. What did you look for when signing up for an affiliate program? Where did you search for offers?
  7. Also, it is important to first promote your product and offer to see if it converts. If you can get sales, then you’ll find that its relatively easier to convince affiliates. You can back your sales pitch with figures. Affiliates spend time and money on promoting products, and if you treat them with the respect they deserve, not only will they stay with you, they’ll become effective recruiters for you. Successful affiliates can send many new affiliates your way.
  8. Identify the heavy-hitting affiliates in your niche. Approach them with special offers. If you can get them to sell on your behalf, you product launch will take off in a big way.
  9. List your program in all the affiliate directories you can. Affiliates are always on the lookout for a program that they can benefit from. A quick search online will throw up a list of affiliate directories.
  10. Make it easy for the affiliates to join. Don’t make them jump hoops for signing up. Be clear about the terms and conditions, such as the length of cookie, date of payment, mode of payment, commission amount, and dos and don’ts associated with the program.

Once you act on the information above, you will have set in motion the process of recruiting affiliates. Execute them repeatedly. Fine-tune them to your specific situation to recruit affiliates best suited for your niche.